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Upcoming Projects

Creed Noir Presents Nosferatu

Creed Noir will be hosting a live stream of Nosferatu on May 23, 2014, 9:00pm EST. 


Creed Noir Presents Mass Hysteria

Creed Noir will be hosting the first ever “Mass Hysteria” film festival dedicated to the themes of madness, paranormal & occult, and the macabre on June 6, 2014, 9:00pm EST.


Creed Noir Exposition of Horror

Creed Noir’s Exposition of Horror is a collection of short films directed by Creed himself. These short films define the themes of madness, paranormal & occult, and the macabre found throughout Machinations into Madness.



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Latest Blog Entries

  • 21 Apr 2014

    Interview with Izombiheartzoey from “Interrogating Ideology With A Chainsaw”

    I recently had the chance to sit down and interview Izombiheartzoey from Interrogating Ideology With A Chainsaw. What is “Interrogating Ideology With A Chainsaw”? Interrogating Ideology With A Chainsaw is two things to me; IIWAC is a blog with a goal of philosophically and political analyzing...

  • 21 Apr 2014

    Black Spot Interview With Luther Bhogal-Jones

    Where did you get the 3D camera? The camera was a Christmas present for writer/ director Luther Bhogal-Jones from his brother after Luther spotted it online Despite the negative reviews denouncing the camcorder as “little more than a toy” Luther was still curious to see...

  • 18 Mar 2014

    Funerals: A Grave Discussion

    Death is a loathsome yet lucrative business. It has the ability to consume the living by leaving grief-stricken hollow shells of human beings to wander aimlessly, ghosting through their lives in a numb despair for years, while also helping line the pockets of funeral home...