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3D Remakes and Sequels

08 Apr 2013, Posted by Creed Noir in the Journal

Movies in general take on a whole new meaning when created, or recreated, in 3D. Horror movies however are an entirely different 3D entity. It is one thing to take you child to the movies and see The Lorax in 3D, while Dr. Suess can be admittedly creepy, it is a whole different trip to see a dinosaur nearly bite you head off. Below are some movies that could are not for the faint of heart when viewed in 3D, but definitely for the diehard, scare the shit out of me, fanatics.

Jurassic Park 3D
Jurassic Park has been a huge hit since it first appeared in 1993 as a film, and prior to that as the novel by Michael Crichton. After all the dinosaurs touch two places in a horror fan’s heart – the horror section, and the child who loves dinosaurs section. That movie was thrilling enough, and such a hit that two sequels jumped on the bandwagon. Now come April 5th (what a day to be looking forward to), you can nearly get your own head bitten off by a T-Rex. Just wait until those Velociraptors start jumping onto the screen, someone is going to fall off their seat! This film is also promised not to be a remake in any fashion, simply the original movie with 3D effects.

My Bloody Valentine 3D
My Bloody Valentine was a slasher film from 1981 that became a horror 3D film in 2009. Welcome to violent murder in 3D action. Now you can scream from your seats as a pickaxe is used in repeated murders on screen, kind of. After all, maybe you will be on the receiving end of that next swing. Be sure to write out your will before seeing this on in 3D!

Saw 3D
So not technically a remake, technically still a sequel, but all the same in this case. Almost everyone has watched at least one Saw movie; they are hard to miss after all. Who was really ready for that gore fest in 3D?? This is supposed to be the last Saw movie, and who does not love horrifying puzzles after all. Oh and did we mention the 3D buzz saw scene? How is that for classic Saw bloody, horrifying mess? Not a series I would have ever thought about going 3D with until it happened. Hold onto your neighbor for dear life with this installment of Saw!

Silent Hill: Revelations 3D
Another sequel, but in all honesty who wants to venture into Silent Hill realistically? Well for you dying fans out there here is your chance. Say hello to Heather Mason as she enters the alternate reality known as Silent Hill in a search for her father, and information about her childhood. This is a must watch for fans of the collection, there is nothing quite like a Silent Hill creation staring you in the face from six inches away. So run to the store and collect this DVD for a night of terrifying fun, guaranteed to make you reconsider your horror fetish.

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