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Alfred Hitchcock Is Still With Us

05 Apr 2013, Posted by Creed Noir in the Madness

Alfred Hitchcock is almost as classic horror/psychological thriller/crazy mad man as it gets. His special use of camera angles created a first person view that did not yet exist in his day. Top that with his preference for indulging all darker emotions that a human possesses, including the one that both hates and loves waiting to find something out, Hitchcock did no less than create the psychological thriller field of movies. For anyone who calls themselves a horror fan and has not seen at least one movie from Hitchcock should slap themselves! Maybe something can be settled if the name is at least recognized. Alfred Hitchcock was in love with murder, sexual overtones, crime and twisted, unexpected, endings. His movies never give quite enough hint to assure you of what is coming next, you are left waiting for you know is unavoidable, the question is when and how it will play into the film.

Hitchcock himself lived from August 1899 to April 1980 and spent over 50 years of that developing his career and increasing his renown. To this day he is a basic inspiration for horror movie after horror movie, the kind that really makes you think. He is the original master of lingering terror, of making people nightmares come to life and haunt them.

Many recent movies are still directly inspired by, influenced by, or include references to Alfred Hitchcock movies out of sheer respect and the fact that he was just that good. There are even movies that go as far as to imitate his camera style. His movie ideas, scenes, and styles linger over three decades past his decease date. One of these movies is Stoker, the only recently released movie from the beginning of this month. The similarities in style and storyline to Hitchcock’s Shadow of a doubt are vivid, and created on purpose. As a matter of fact Stoker is a direct inspiration example for Hitchcock’s ghostly presence today. A less direct inspirational example is the movie Disturbia, with startling similarities to Rear Window. You can only believe that Hitchcock is proudly floating around chuckling to himself about the screams he still gets.

There are thousands, if not millions of psychological thrillers in existence today, and most of them have no reference to Alfred Hitchcock works what so ever. The only respects they pay to the suspense master who created their genre is by continuing to press forward with their popularity. Silence of the Lambs, a film released eleven years beyond Hitchcock’s time, is a great example of a psychological thriller containing crime and horror, two of Alfred Hitchcock’s favorites. An even better example comes to mind, Shutter Island, which is a recent movie of 2010. Shutter Island features murder and insanity, another great pairing originally inspired by Hitchcock himself.

Hitchcock was the greatest suspense producer and director of his time, and he influence is not going anywhere anytime soon, if ever. Pay tribute to Alfred Hitchcock, watch one of his films.

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