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Daywalt Fear Factory Highlight: The Old Chair

26 Feb 2013, Posted by Creed Noir in the Paranormal Occult

Daywalt Fear Factory on YouTube has numerous great dark fantasy and horror themed short films. Many of which are under five minutes. Besides the gripping story telling Daywalt uses in their productions, the production values are pretty good. One of the most interesting aspects of their production design is the use of light. This skill can’t be understated when trying to pull off an impressive horror production, especially be independent filmmakers.

Below is a short film from Daywalt Fear Factory. Like many of Daywalt’s productions, this short film uses effective sound design, production design, special makeup effects, and building tension as well as shock thrills. It also has a bit of twist at the end which is always good. One of the biggest warnings you see in the short film right from the start is that the antagonist gets a chair from a creepy guy in a storage locker. Nothing can go wrong from here, right?


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