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Decline of the Zombie Fad

06 May 2013, Posted by Creed Noir in Latest Developments

Last week’s episode of Voice of Madness we discussed the Zombie Fad. Our guest host Donnie Kenney and myself, Creed Noir talked about something that I tend to find cropping up on the internet. People seem to be turning against the rather large popularity of zombies that they’ve experienced over the past few years. Now I don’t believe zombies will go out of style completely. They will always have a special place in the depths of Horror. Zombies even made my “Top Ten Creatures to Incite Dread“. However, I think the days of mainstream popularity and commercialization of zombies maybe going out.

One of the problems that zombie movies face is that the plot has pretty much been done to death (or undeath in this case). How many zombie outbreak movies can one watch and still expect something new? Seems to me many new and even veteran indie filmmakers have done a zombie movie at one point or another. They are easy to produce and people find them entertaining, if for no other reason than to just watch people get ripped apart. I suppose that is why we are still seeing new zombie movies come about such as World War Z or the Zombieland series.

The future of zombie movies I think is in the post zombie outbreak. We’ve already seen numerous ways for zombies to destroy society, but we haven’t seen many movies that take place 10, 20, 30 years past that point. I want to see how societies have coped and developed, how order was reestablished, and how all those undead turned out.

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