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Evil Dead: Camping Near You

01 Apr 2013, Posted by Creed Noir in the Paranormal Occult

The original Evil Dead movie premiered in 1981 and was followed by two sequels, Evil Dead 2 (1987) and Army of Darkness (1992). The original movie starred Bruce Campbell and was a first film that turned out to only be mildly successful. After two sequels, which faired a little better, interest in the film series was still low. When the original announcement of a sequel came into the opened so many fans disagreed that it was shoved into the back of a closet somewhere. The idea of completely redoing the film by eliminating the main character and the only similarity being that a group of teenagers stumbled upon the Book of the Dead killed any possible interest from original fans.

However in later years they pulled the remake idea from the closet and set it in motion full force. Bruce Campbell is supposedly only acting as a producer for the remake, but there have been rumors of him filling the role of a minor character. There have even been mentions of Ash being the ghostly figure in the remake. Of course some is just nonsense talk, however who really thinks that Campbell will completely eradicate himself from the film? That is another mystery to be revealed with the raising of the curtain. There was the announcement of a possible sequel at the premiere as well. The movie directors also promise no CGI only simple special effects, things like magic tricks to produce the necessary illusions.

The Evil Dead remake has already premiered in Dallas, but the actual release date for the general public is April 5th. The premiere received relatively good reviews, which means the rest of us horror fanatics unable to view it will be on the edge of our seats for another week or two in wait. The trailer is released, and the movie has already been labeled red band for exuberant use of profanity and gore. Naturally the trailer is hosted on YouTube, and is a must watch. Just be certain to watch the correct one, we would not want any confusion! A fun site for more information and some great interaction to check out is Be prepared when you enter the site, or even watch the trailer, there are some startling parts as any good horror movie promotions should contain.

Personally, the remake looks amazing, and while the original film should definitely be watched for comparison, either before or after viewing the version entering the cinemas shortly, at least it does not appear that knowledge of the older film is going to be required to enjoy the remake. The directors and producers, especially Campbell, are promising an amazing movie in this edition, and we have every intention of rating the truth behind that declaration. This ninety-one minute film is close enough to theaters for tickets to already be on sale, so, horror fans, rush to your nearest theater, or hit up their website and get to preordering tickets and checking the available time for release showing!

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