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In A Corner, Darkly

10 Apr 2013, Posted by Creed Noir in the Journal

For those of you who have not checked out Sue Rovens yet, she very well could be the next best author for horror fanatics. Her first book, In a Corner, Darkly, is available for purchasing. The collection is full of dark stories to keep readers huddling under their blankets. Her blog promises true horror and not crossovers between horror and comedy. Rovens does not believe that the two can coexist and still fall under the horror genre. She offers promises of horror, shock, and disturbance on the front cover of her debut book. Although not yet overly recognized her book and the available draft and story mentions on her blog are extremely promising. While there is only one draft at a time, Rovens keeps people updated for stories that she chooses not to post. Something has to be a mystery; after all she does plan to rewrite most of these for her next publication. If you could read all the scares on the page for free, why purchase the book?

Inside her first book Rovens frightens readers with every page turn of fifteen short stories. All the classics are present – haunted homes, dark magic, weddings, and much more. The above mentioned current works in progress to be found here: At this point in time a story called Bookworm is being posted up in parts; so far it is full of people who do not get along and an old, dark and dusty library basement. Four installments are present already and it promises to be a good final read. This writer has a good start on producing excellent reads and promises more. The book is definitely worth giving a shot in the dark. Rovens is also moving to format her book into an eBook, while this would be extremely convenient for many people, you have to admit that there is something about physically turning the pages and smelling the ink from the interior especially for a horror story.

The woman herself resides in the beautiful state of Illinois with her partner and pets. Rovens enjoys classic rock and watching Sweeney Todd. Two of her favorite things are writing horror stories, of course, and loving on fuzzy animals. Her book is available in all of your favorite locations including: Amazon, Ebay, CreateSpace, and more. Rovens is working her way up the ladder, one keep your closet light on at night story at a time. The young woman owns two cats and like any good author writes better stories than you imagine simply by viewing the cover. As a matter of fact it would probably be best not to read any of her stories alone, or at night, but then again that takes away all the fun. A better warning is the classic, read at your own risk.

Rovens offers some new, pure horror for her readers. Sure the occasional laugh may intrude, however with her philosophy concerning horror and comedy her writing is guaranteed to give you that extra push you need on a stormy night to knock the power out.

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