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Interview with Local Pittsburgh Filmmakers – Suspek Productions

18 Feb 2013, Posted by Creed Noir in Interviews
Suspek Productions Interview

In continuation of interviewing local Pittsburgh based authors, talent, and filmmakers, I had the opportunity to interview Sam Harris of Suspek Productions.  You can visit their Facebook page for more information and their YouTube channel for more videos.

How long has Suspek Productions been around? What project is Suspek Productions most proud of?

Suspek Productions was created during our first production in April of 2011 with Payaso. After that we finalized registration in April of 2012 with the state to begin operating as a business. We’re proud of All our projects and the uniqueness that each one brings. Payaso was our baby project and we would love to turn this short film into a feature in the near future. The Man Who lost is what I’d have to say is our pride & Joy right now as far as any completed production of ours that make a statement as our symbol.

How would you describe the style of Suspek Productions?

We like to simply describe that statement into a style of life and that is just what we are. We plan to provide the audience with a clear point of view all the while keeping the concentration of an ever changing trendy society.

What does Suspek Productions hope to contribute to the filmmaking community?

We plan to offer plenty of our creative story lines along with character development, the latest in state of the art operations and equipment to enhance the emotional experience for you, the viewer.

Where is Suspek Productions based out of?

We are based out of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

What is the synopsis of your current project?

We currently are involved in 2 main projects with The man Who Lost and Only at da Wash. Both of which will be released online to view. Only at da wash is a Reality based series mixing Hip Hop and a variety of nice vehicles along with crazy happenings in West Virginia! We do plan to shop these around and other ideas to multiple networks such as ABC, MTV, VH1, Travel, BIO, History, HBO, FOX….. ETC…!!!

How far along is the production, and how do you plan to distribute the production?

Mainly answered in #5 lol but we would like to get to get together with multiple interested investors and shop the ideas around to television networks and continue to convert messages to the viewers as long as there is money behind the bigger projects we can get huge projects underway offering jobs locally and I just believe we can spark the lead to make a name not only for us but the city in general, the NEW HOLLYWOOD… & I love my City… How bout you..?!

Does Suspek Productions utualize the same crew for different productions, or generally new crew members for each productions.

We have a solid team of crew members that we utilize but also do take on new applicants looking for experience in the industry as well so yea feel free to contact us at:

Who are the major players of Suspek Productions?

President/Owner/Director & Actor…( Myself) Sam Harris
Executive Assistant & Actor…. Tyler Miller
Camera Operator/DP ….Max Segal
Sound/Lights & Camera B Operator…. Kevin Kukler
Secretary and Actress… Brittany Thornton
Producer/ Assistant Director…. Bud Adams
Writer…. Pat Hanvan
plus many more.

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