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J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek or “How I Learned How to Hate It Less”

21 Jan 2013, Posted by Creed Noir in the Journal

Three years ago I watched “Star Trek” in theaters like so many did. I was no doubt among those, who by beginning of the end credits couldn’t wait to flee the theater. Alternate timelines? Emo Spock in a love affair with Uhura? Vulcan destroyed? What the Hell did I just watched? Whatever it was, it didn’t feel like Star Trek. For three years, the movie had a place in my heart right next to some of the most awful movies I ever had the misfortune of watching.

That was three years ago. Now there’s a second Star Trek movie coming out… “Star Trek into Darkness”. It made me think how I might still feel for the rebooted bastardized version of Star Trek I’ve come to loath. There’s talk of Khan, Mitchell, and a host of conspiracy theories befitting “9/11 truthers”. So what’s up with that glass shot? Ha!

Teaser trailer of  Star Trek into Darkness.

So I think to myself what could “into the Darkness” be? Could it be something more akin to what we’ve seen in the series? Could it be an iconic villain as Khan to tantalize the Trekies out there? Could Kirk get his “Joker”? Speculations…

So where I find myself now is if nothing else… be happy that Star Trek is still in the public light, even if it is filled with Optic Flares and Star Wars eye candy. It may be a bastardized version of Trek, but once I’m able to accept that… I might just learn how to hate it less.

P.S. I’m watching Star Trek right now. The second (possibly third) time I’ve seen it since the theatrical release.

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