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Top Movies to Lose Your Sanity To

07 Mar 2013, Posted by Creed Noir in the Madness

Madness. These following films have had at least one character depart from reality. Some of these films take place in the far future, or right in our own back yard. One thing is for certain however… people are going to die.

These are in no particular order.








Event Horizon   (IMDB Link)
One of the most over looked and under appreciated sci-fi horror films, is Event Horizon. A rescue crew is dispatched to investigate the return of a derelict spaceship. It has brought something back with it. One of the lead investigators soon loses himself to the ship’s taint.








1408   (IMDB Link)
An author checks into the cursed room 1408…









Psycho   (IMDB Link)
No other movie has a character with the most awkward relation with his mother.









Pandorum  (IMDB Link)
On of the coolest movies with one of the biggest mysteries. As the movie starts, one of the protagonists awake to find themselves alone with the ship’s compliment of thousands missing. This movie is a great example of how far someone will fall when societal norms no long matter.









The Crazies   (IMDB Link)
A small town gets doused with chemicals that make inhabitants turn into zombie like crazies.









Secret Window   (IMDB Link)
Secret Window is one of those movies with an unexpected twist. A writer is accused of stealing “the perfect window” and the original writer wants justice.









Shutter Island (IMDB Link)
Bit of a mystery thriller, Shutter Island follows the path of a man set up to find out the mystery of Shutter Island and himself.







Misery (IMDB Link)
There are worse things than to be rescued by your “biggest fan”.









Bug (IMDB Link)
Bug is a movie that makes you feel you are watching an entirely different movie than what you’re lead to believe. A great movie about the power of suggestion.









The Shining  (IMDB Link)
One of the greatest movies about losing it… The Shining shows us what happens when “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.


And remember… “sanity is for the weak”!

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