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My Top Three Horror Hosts

26 Feb 2013, Posted by Creed Noir in the Journal

Growing up as a kid, my some of my first TV horror experiences came from the likes of Tales from the likes of Tales from the Darkside, Outer Limits (OK, maybe more Dark Fantasy than Horror), and Tales from the Crypt. These shows were great offering exposure to different ideas behind horror. However, I’ve always had a special place for hosted horror movie marathons. There’s something personal and welcoming turning to a channel with a host that introduces you to the movie, maybe throws around some witty banter, and even better… gives you a tally of what to expect in the film. So here is my top three horror hosts. How they managed to get on my list was their populating and my own cherished memories of them in childhood.

Number Three – Elvira


Number Two – Joe Bob Briggs


Number One – The Crypt Keeper


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