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Reaching the Final Destination

22 Apr 2013, Posted by Fremen in the Macabre

Fearing the unknown is very common but being scared of what you see in the future is even scarier. The movie “Final Destination” and its sequels are exactly how the main character felt. The first release of this series had their watchers hooked because of the gruesome ways of dying and the almost impossible methods death plots just to kill a person.

All the sequels of Final Destination have equally been terrifying and horrific for movie goers. This is the perfect movie for people who want to see blood all over and body parts flying in the air. In the most recent release of this franchise The Final Destination 3D, the vision of Nick changed his life along with his three other companions.

Watching how everything happened before it actually happened Nick witnessed the entire accident at the racetrack. An accident happened during the car race caused the whole devastation as the tire flew into the audience and caused the stampede. The place collapsed and there were violent deaths everywhere. A head gets ripped off, body torn into half and dozens of people buried alive inside the stadium.

Upon realizing that he could possibly change the tragedy, together with his girlfriend they tried to save every living individual who is with them since he is able to see visions before an accident happen. Trying their best to outrun the evil spirit causing the death of everyone who survived at the stadium, they were not able to see from the start that they were actually destined to die after all. They were just at the wrong place from the start.

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