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Revisiting the Black Cat

17 Apr 2013, Posted by Creed Noir in the Macabre

Everybody here loves Edgar Allan Poe right? After all he was one of the greatest horror writers of all time. Nobody who truly loves the horror genre can honestly dislike all of the works by Edgar Allan Poe. He wrote with a purpose and from the heart, no hollow horror from this great man. One of his best known works is The Black Cat.

The Black Cat was published in August of 1843. The main characters are a man and his black cat. As he moves on in life the main character becomes a heavy drinker and one night in a drunken rage the man gouges one of the cat’s eyes out. After this he the cat no longer wishes to see him and at first he is remorseful. However his anger returns and he hangs the cat. When his home catches fire the only thing that survives is a shingle wall with the imprint of a hung cat. In the end a black cat ends up giving him away for murder.

To this day there are many people who believe in the superstitious powers of a black cat. A lot of people, perhaps you are one of them, believe that they bring horrible luck to people. Particularly if they cross the path of the person when they are out and about walking or doing their daily business.

However there are also people who very much believe that black cats are exceptionally good luck. They will go out of their way to pet a friendly black cat and sometimes, for them, that is exactly what they need to make their day.

There are also several other superstitions involving black cats, it honestly all depends on what part of the world you live in. You should check out yours if you are not already familiar with them. They might just alter your own view of black cats. Naturally there are plenty of people who do not put any stock in superstitions either, maybe you are one of those people.

On any accord Edgar Allan Poe plays deep into society’s natural fears and likes to wreak havoc on the mind of a person when they read his writing. Many people have suddenly found themselves to be superstitious after reading the story told in such a heartfelt manner by Edgar Allan Poe known as The Black Cat. Chances are you have read the story, but if for some reason you have not it should definitely be checked out at the very next possible chance. It is a classic, you can even read it online, and so there are no excuses. Even if you firmly disbelieve in superstitions and this book does not change your opinion it is definitely a must read for any person who calls themselves a horror fanatic.

There are also plenty of other works by Edgar Allan Poe which are still influential in today’s world, after all most of you probably read them in school and they are still be assigned there.

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