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The Dunwich Horror

26 Apr 2013, Posted by Fremen in the Madness

Having written so many horror stories where the protagonist loses, “The Dunwich Horror” is one of H. P. Lovecraft creations wherein the hero actually wins. The story happened in a fictional town in Massachusetts called Dunwich wherein a monstrous creature grew inside a farmhouse of people who studies spells, witchcraft and necronomicon beliefs. The unusual appearance of Wilbur Whateley may be the reason why people are so distant from them. Or it can also be because of the weird way they live their lives together with his grandfather and his albino mother.

His father was never identified but based on what his grandfather said, he is Yog-Soghoth. Since they chose to be different, Wilbur grew up with his grandfather being taught with all kinds of dark rituals and withcraft. There is an unseen being growing in their home and that is the reason why each year, the two men constantly alters their house to make room for this being. Suddenly, cattles begun disappearing and there came a time, it was Wilbur’s mother who disappeared too. The entity that is said to grow inside their farmhouse continued to grow and said to have occupied the entire place. People begin to notice a trend of cattle mysteriously disappearing. Eventually, Wilbur’s mother also disappears.

By the time Wilbur’s grandfather dies, the colossal entity occupies the whole interior of the farmhouse. Wilbur died trying to find a way to summon the “Old Ones” in order to resolve the problem with the entity. Luckily there was a doctor who has knowledge in vanishing it or else, the entire town would have been wiped out after living in complete terror.

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