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“The Silent City” – A Post Apocalyptic Web Series Worth Following

15 Feb 2013, Posted by Creed Noir in the Journal

“The Silent City” is the result of a successful crowd-funding campaign. Using Kickstarter the producers managed to raise $12,000 to produce their post apocalyptic web series. However what is even more interesting and hard to believe is that the web series was shot on location at abandoned locations in New York City.






The plot as described on “The Silent City” website describes the plot of the web series as;

When an unexplained event decimates the human race, the survivors must fight for their lives in the ruins of civilization.









OK, perhaps not the most original of post apocalyptic concepts out there. Where the real gold lies with the series is the incredible production values placed on the web series. Bringing in the talents of Director of Photography, Nathaniel Kramer – “The Silent City” in many regards has a cinematic feel to it. After watching a bit of the web series I’ve noticed how exceptional the use of proper light is carried throughout the series. No complaints here.


The whole success of “The Silent City” makes me want to take a serious third look at a web series project that I wanted to produce. It was called “Act of Man” and while it was post apocalyptic, I believe it offers new material for the genre. But in the mean time, I can watch some “The Silent City” and appreciate the hard work that their cast and crew pull off.

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