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One challenge in Joomla! There are various ways to protect such files, but most are not optimal. Many users and developer groups, such as Gallery2 and Apache. In this example, we protect configuration. Using this method, even if the Web server somehow delivers the contents of PHP files, for example due to a misconfiguration, nobody can see the contents of the real configuration file. We use the name joomla. Create a new configuration.

Make sure the new configuration. If you need to change configuration settings, do so manually in the relocated joomla.

rubberdoc joomla 1.5

Pour installer Joomla chez free, quelques pièges sont à contourner. Voici la recette qui peut vous faire gagner un temps précieux. En voici le détail: Enregistrez ce fichier auformat txt par exemple atransferer. This is a pretty nice, free template that came with the Joomla!

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Suckerfish Menu Module Position: Option to use Logo as Text or Image. Well hand-coded typography 6. Well structured and SEO-optimized source code. Take some minutes to view the index.

Support 2 types of logo: Horizontal Navigation JA Purity provide embedded dropdown horizontal navigation system. Follow these steps to enable the dropdown horizon navigation.

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Goto Module Manager, click a mainmenu module Eg: Template Width The template width is very flexible. Template Styles Template style is combined from 3 main elements: Modules in right could are collapsible. Cette commande doit se trouver dans un fichier. Ce fichier est à placer directement dans le dossier à sécuriser. Pour que les dossiers ne soient pas accessibles, créez un autre fichier. Remplacez alors cette ligne par la suivante:.

From the command line use the md5sum program. For example, here we determine the MD5 checksum for a Joomla! Type man md5sum at the command line for full details on the md5sum program. The following files need to be set to to make installation possible: Joomla Rubber Doc Extension Dokumentenverwaltung. Changing File or Folder Permission. RubberDoc – The easy way to manage docs. SEO search engine optimization tools.

Version Support tested with 1. Upload the PHP script to the Joomla! Run the script through the browser IE: Optionally, enter a problem description, up to three error messages or log lines and any actions already attempted If no form fields are not filled out then only the Diagnostic Information will be generated. In the above code example, do not include blank lines or any characters including blank spaces before the php start tag.


If you do, you will very likely see the following error. Leaving the PHP end tag out is an accepted method for avoiding such conflicts. See also How to adjust Joomla 1. Saturday, November 15th, Uncategorized Comments.

Joomlla, November 15th, Uncategorized 82 Comments. Quick features list 1. Option to use Logo as Text or Image 4. Fast and lightweight Right modules collapsible function Modules in right could are collapsible. Friday, November 14th, Uncategorized Comments. Créez un fichier texte sous le nom.

Les lignes à entrer dans ce fichier sont les suivantes: Rrubberdoc alors cette ligne par la suivante: Sunday, November 9th, Uncategorized Comments. Commandes en vrac sudo module-assistant prepare,update Thursday, November 6th, Uncategorized Comments.

Blogroll Abstract World Alles online! Improve the security of your Joomla! Unknown Feed An error has occurred; the feed is probably down. Too green to fail July 7, When it comes to protected areas, less really can mean moreThomas Brooks, a biologist with NatureServe, a conservation group based in Arlington, Virginia, has long been fighting to preserve biodiversity in the Philippines. Quite often it can feel like a lost cause.

rubberdoc joomla 1.5

Conservation efforts in the country have struggled against ever greater deforestation and decades of environmental neglect. You might think that, when Mr Brooks heard that the Philippine government is considering opening some of its protected areas to mining, it would have been the last straw. Instead, it was an occasion for hope. According to Theresa Mundita Lim, Director of the Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau of the Department of the Environment and Natural Resources, who made the announcement at a meeting of the Convention on Biological Diversity in Nairobi, the move on mining is part of a larger strategy to improve rubberddoc much biodiversity the government protects.

By cutting spending on areas that are lower-priority 1. instead putting the money where it will be more effective in protecting nature, she hopes to get more impact out of the limited conservation funds available. Life recovered from its worst extinction much faster than previously realisedTHE dinosaurs went out rubbervoc a bang.

Most palaeontologists agree that those creatures and much of the rest of Mesozoic life ended when the Earth collided with an asteroid or a comet 65m years ago. But the Mesozoic, too, began with a mass extinction. This was the end of the Permian period, and of the era of life called the Palaeozoic. The survivors regrouped, re-evolved and turned into the Mesozoic species that led eventually to the dinosaurs, pterosaurs, ammonites and belemnites that generations of fossil hunters joomls familiar with.

How that rhbberdoc happened will be the topic of a presentation by Hugo Bucher, the director of the Palaeontological Institute at the University of Zurich, uoomla the Third International Palaeontological Congress in London on July 3rd.


According to Dr Bucher, it occurred faster than anyone had previously thought, but also rubberxoc on the way as the volcanic activity waxed and waned. A long way from anywhere, researchers are plugged into everywhereNY ALESUND, a village devoted to scientific research on the island of Spitsbergen, in the high Arctic, seems about as isolated as it is possible to get.

Beyond the confines of the village and its outstations, there is no sign of human beings; just snow, water, rock and scrawny soil. This is true everywhere, by rybberdoc, but from Ny Alesund the trip is shorter than from any other permanently inhabited settlement.

To the west is Greenland the most northerly, uninhabited bitfollowed by Ellesmere Island part of Canadaa lot of sometimes frozen ocean and some Russian islands before a humanity-free circumnavigation brings you back to Ny Alesund. To the south is everything else in the world, most of it a very long way off. The nearest city, Tromso, is more than 1,km away, and hardly a metropolis.

For four months a year even the sun does not make it to Ny Alesund. Before the 20th century, no one lived here, nor would anyone have wanted to. Now, two years later, the sector is running ahead of itself. As the art-market recovery gets under way, auction houses now face a particularly delicate moment.

When art prices fell, auction houses struggled to attract sellers. Collectors faced with death, divorce or debt—three common reasons for selling—still consigned their works for auction. But discretionary selling fell back sharply. In days gone by, the fish were netted and killed on the spot. Then, come October, they are sold to Japanese boats, killed, frozen and shipped to Japan.

It is a lucrative arrangement. He claims the Maltese farms do better than this, but does not say exactly how much better. The cages do not cost much, and the fish fed to a tuna are worth a lot less than the added kilos of tuna-meat that result.

Problème avec Remository Joomla 1.5 [Fermé]

What is more, Japanese buyers prefer fish raised this way. They say the quality of the meat from a bluefin killed straight after being caught is less tasty, as the fish has been stressed.

A banner month for London’s art and antiques fairsIT IS either an embarrassment of riches or overkill. Either way, the abundance of art fairs in London this June is rubbeddoc dramatic departure from how things looked a year ago. Pundits blamed the bad economy. The actual reason was that the owners of the Grosvenor House Hotel believed they could earn more by using the space for other purposes.